Adaptive Re-use Warehouse Conversion


The adaptive re-use of this historically significant building, proposed to provide new mixed use tenancies and functions to the building, whilst retaining much of its original architectural features and characteristics. A monolithic brick warehouse style industrial building with over 9000m2 enabled the building to be divided into a number of sections with a wide range of activities and services to service the local community.

Portions of the existing building facade were replaced with large expanses of glazed area to form three crystalline boxes that house a multi-level atrium space where new programme and activities occur within. The bottom half of these walls can be raised to form canopies and create indoor-outdoor spaces where various functions can occur.
Being an adaptive re-use of the existing building, most of the internal structure is retained. An additional storey is added above each glazed atrium space to allow more programme within, and easy access to the rooftop terraces.

The newly proposed programme includes a distribution of commercial office and retail space, as well as community services, civic services, artist hubs, medical and professional services, artist studios and exhibition spaces.