Queen Street Apartments


The concept for the design was to create a fluid design which reflects the changing neighbourhood character and streetscape, whilst respecting the character of the tree-lined streets of the neighbourhood. Throughout the design process we have considered the urban context, solar access, scale, views and privacy, circulation and communal spaces.
The form of the building as viewed from the street front utilises glazing on the street-facing eastern facade, making the building appear lighter and providing interaction with the street on a pedestrian level. The balconies provide amenity and connecting open space for the apartments within, whilst increasing safety in the street through the visual connection of residents and pedestrians.

In general the building follows a rectangular footprint and form, which appears lighter as the glazed areas are “subtracted” from the solid render and timber-textured off-form concrete feature walls on the front facade. In keeping with many of the newer developments in the area, timber was introduced on the underside of the eaves to accentuate the design and provide a variety of materials in the composition of the facade.

In selecting the materials, we have utilised materials which are characteristic of the neighbourhood including light coloured render, natural timber, timber-textured off-form concrete, glazing to the street facade, and generous glazing to the northern living spaces which are connected to private open spaces for most of the apartments. The building is a culmination of contemporary architecture and the maximisation of passive sustainable design principles including solar orientation of the building to incorporate natural light filled northern living spaces; building eaves to provide sun shading and operable windows and balcony doors to provide natural ventilation into each apartment.