Hughesdale Apartments

Hughesdale Apartments

Bringing a balance of comfort and elegance to modern day apartment living.


A stunning collection of 14 luxury apartments where open plan living meets private outdoor spaces. The Hughesdale Apartments embodies a bold modern design that frames the views from each apartment to create a dynamic facade that plays on the concept of intersecting volumes and shifting planes. The design of each boutique apartment places emphasis on space, comfort, and access to natural light and outdoor open spaces. Each residence displays neutral tones and textures to create the perfect canvas for each resident to add their own distinctive style.

This stunning form is accentuated with high quality external materials including the juxtaposition of solid concrete and steel frames with expansive glass windows, all of which have been selected to create an architectural composition that is a showpiece of balance and harmony.

A culmination of contemporary architecture, this building also adopts passive sustainable design principles, including optimum solar orientation to provide natural light filled living spaces, deep building eaves to provide sun shading, and operable windows and balcony doors to provide natural ventilation into each apartment.



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